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Personal Training

Here at Elite Fitness we offer comprehensive and flexible Personal Training packages under the guidance of Russell Knight designed to fit around you. If you need a little extra motivation or would like some fresh ideas, we have 4 fully qualified Personal Trainers on the staff, all with a keen eye to spot where you may be going wrong and a fun sense of finding a new way for you to feel the burn!

Feel free to enquire here or call the gym Reception or contact Russell directly using the details below to book your FREE no obligation consultation with one of our trainers. If you are unable to reach us straight away we will get back to you ASAP. During your FREE consultation, your trainer will go through a health and lifestyle questionnaire with you to assess where you are currently with your fitness and give you chance to explain where you are trying to get to and to see if Personal Training is the right option for you. The consultation should take no longer than 30-40 mins. We have every confidence that no matter what your level and ambition we have the tools and expertise here to help you achieve your goals.

At the end of your FREE consultation you will have all the information you will need to make an informed decision about which package would best suit you. All packages are flexible and we will endeavour to do everything we can to fit around your busy life. With a fully equipped gym on hand that’s open from 7am to 9pm weekdays and 8am to 3pm on weekends, there really is no reason to not make that enquiry today. When you do decide to embark on a package with your trainer, they will use all the information gleaned from your consultation to assess your current level of fitness, consider your goals and limitations and then devise an individually tailored programme to help you achieve those goals quickly and safely in a fun and encouraging manner.

Please find links on the right to some recent testimonials to hear how previous clients of Russell and his team have fared!

For more information about the trainers available, pricing and further testimonials please follow this link: www.rkpersonaltrainer.com

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Sue and Mark - Click to Open

After muttering to my partner Mark that I really should try and get a bit fitter and slimmer, I was horrified when he bought me a ‘present’ of gym membership plus personal trainer as it was only a throw-away comment! I have tried every diet going over the years, and whilst successful short term it all crept on again.

When I first met Russ I was really impressed that he talked to me at length about my day-to-day life, what I wanted to realistically achieve and how I could do this, and most importantly he explained how going on another diet with a bit of Zumba thrown in was not going to work, and that a ‘lifestyle change’ was needed. I had a goal in mind as we had a big family holiday planned in 5-months time.

Five months have now passed and over this period I have lost the 1.5 stone in weight that I was aiming for (without being on a diet!) and have totally changed my eating habits and attitude towards health and fitness. I found every session with Russ worthwhile, motivating, and felt a huge sense of achievement at the end of each session. He will always tailor a programme to suit you personally, and will vary this as needed.

My partner Mark also signed up with Russell and is due to run a half-marathon soon, having achieved brilliant fitness results in only 5-months. We can now go away on our holiday slimmer and fitter than we have been for years, and this is all down to Russ who has been an inspiration to us. We are already booked in to carry on when we get back, and looking forward to seeing what the next 5-months will bring! We would highly recommend Russ to anyone, and whatever level of fitness, size or shape you are we guarantee Russ will be able to help you.

Sue and Mark, Tytherington

Rachael Arrivabene - Click to Open

“Russell Knight was recommended to me by a friend who had had Personal Training Sessions with him and achieved excellent results. At the point of contacting Russell, I was not exercising at all and after having two children found myself to be overweight and unfit. Clothes shopping was an unhappy, nightmare experience – often resulting in my not wanting to go on nights out with friends and swimming was avoided at all costs!!

Russell and I discussed what I wanted to achieve from our sessions, he took in to account my lifestyle and planned sessions with me that were enjoyable. He offered encouragement and challenged me when required.

When I first started our Personal Training Sessions, I disliked running and actually was so unfit that I couldn’t run for more than a minute or two. Last week I signed up for the Bristol Half Marathon – something I never imagined doing, but it’s going to be one of my biggest achievements and there is no way I’d be doing it if it wasn’t for my Personal Training Sessions with Russell.

I have continued my sessions for two years and am still improving my fitness every single week. I no longer need to lose weight, clothes shopping is no longer a source of misery and I am very much looking forward to my summer holiday (and bikini) this year!

I genuinely couldn’t recommend anybody higher than Russell.”

Rachael Arrivabene, 25, Bradley Stoke

Karen & Jim - Click to Open

“I went to Russell Knight last year after many failed attempts to get and stay fit – seeking some new motivation but a little wary as to what to expect. After a full assessment we started to find out what I could do and Russell focused me on making small improvements each week. It wasn’t very long before I began to see real gains and after several months it was great to see how much more I could do compared to when I started.

I enjoyed the Personal Training Sessions so much that my husband (a previous gym-phobic) decided to start seeing Russell for Personal Training sessions himself, which he also has found really suited him. Russell is always keen to keep the focus on improving and switches around the routines so we don’t get bored. Both of us work full time and Russell has been really flexible in making changes to our times when work commitments mean we’re not available for a particular session. Because of this, despite our busy lives, we’ve still managed to maintain two sessions each week.

The benefits of our sessions have extended in to all aspects of our lives with our 13 year old daughter – we’ve all become so much more active. I’ve dropped a dress size without dieting and am looking forward to my new running challenges. My husband has re-gained flexibility in his legs and shoulder he thought he’d lost forever. We are both in our mid-forties but feel healthier and fitter now than we did in our thirties … maybe even our twenties! I would recommend Russell’s Personal Training Sessions to anyone – give it a go and you’ll be surprised how great you feel.”

Karen & Jim Gusterson, Thornbury

Mark - Click to Open

“I had been thinking of trying to up my training for sometime but not done anything about it. However, after an excessive holiday and an impending wedding looming 5 months later I knew that this was the time to give it a shot!

Russ helped in setting goals, which with a weekly session at the gym in Thornbury and some ‘homework’ were achieved every week. This provided me with confidence and determination to push myself every session to not let myself or Russ down and continue setting new boundaries.

The Personal Training sessions which Russ devised were different every week and imaginative, in all fairness I am the type of person who needs to be and enjoys to be pushed in training sessions and therefore these were of great benefit.

I also have an old injury which Russ took into consideration when setting exercises and if ever there was a niggle or a twinge, the session was adapted to suit.

The help of keeping a food diary for Russ to comment upon was great and Russ was also able to provide tips and advice on all forms of dietary and fitness questions which I found useful and have passed on to numerous Friend and Family members.

I have and continue to recommend Russell’s services to any Friend or Family member looking for a Personal Trainer or if they need their training “spiced up” to push themselves that little bit further.”

Mark, 33, Bristol

Janine - Click to Open

“I have learnt that I need exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy in my busy life. The difficulty is remaining disciplined which is where Russell’s Personal Training is the answer for me. It keeps me committed to going to the gym in Thornbury regularly and ensures I maximize the time spent there.

I have a reoccurring neck problem and Russell is able to tailor my program to ensure I do not aggravate this along with his support to do all the exercises correctly.”

Janine, Thornbury