Mike Rowen, Portishead

Following years of playing sport and suffering numerous injuries, I found it very difficult to get and keep fit on my own. I had been a member of various gyms over the years but had not made best use of them so when Russell suggested an initial session I was skeptical that this different approach would solve the problem … and I was right – he’s pushed me further than any gym membership would have, he’s made me sweat gallons over the past 10 years, he’s made me throw up, he’s prolonged a cricket career which I never really enjoyed and has made it necessary for me to buy quite a lot of new clothes as lots of my old pairs of jeans, suits etc no longer fit me, and he’s also made it possible for me to spend more time with ‘the other half’ as I can now join her on bike rides …

Oh, and he’s even nearly got me running the Bristol half marathon! So if you want him to change your life, ruin your spare time, cost you loads of money in new clothes and make it possible to get involved in new hobbies which seemed impossible before, book some sessions!!

– Mike Rowen, Portishead


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