Sue and Mark, Tytherington

After muttering to my partner Mark that I really should try and get a bit fitter and slimmer, I was horrified when he bought me a ‘present’ of gym membership plus personal trainer as it was only a throw-away comment! I have tried every diet going over the years, and whilst successful short term it all crept on again.

When I first met Russ I was really impressed that he talked to me at length about my day-to-day life, what I wanted to realistically achieve and how I could do this, and most importantly he explained how going on another diet with a bit of Zumba thrown in was not going to work, and that a ‘lifestyle change’ was needed. I had a goal in mind as we had a big family holiday planned in 5-months time.

Five months have now passed and over this period I have lost the 1.5 stone in weight that I was aiming for (without being on a diet!) and have totally changed my eating habits and attitude towards health and fitness. I found every session with Russ worthwhile, motivating, and felt a huge sense of achievement at the end of each session. He will always tailor a programme to suit you personally, and will vary this as needed.

My partner Mark also signed up with Russell and is due to run a half-marathon soon, having achieved brilliant fitness results in only 5-months. We can now go away on our holiday slimmer and fitter than we have been for years, and this is all down to Russ who has been an inspiration to us. We are already booked in to carry on when we get back, and looking forward to seeing what the next 5-months will bring! We would highly recommend Russ to anyone, and whatever level of fitness, size or shape you are we guarantee Russ will be able to help you.

– Sue and Mark, Tytherington

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