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Annie M, Alveston

As a personal trainer – he’s good. I thoroughly recommend him! He helped me return to the gym after surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer. He does not use “pseudo-science” but as a professional, bases his fitness programmes around evidence based research which of course is much safer and produces good results.

Here I am way down the line and why do I keep going … I like his style! He keeps me fit, sets realistic and achievable goals, varies the gym sessions and is flexible particularly when life and work get in the way. He has a quietly confident and encouraging manner. Most of all he smiles through and takes absolutely no notice of my endless whingeing and STILL I improve. Great technique.

I never thought that at 61 yrs old I would ever use the phrase “shan’t be long, just going for a run” Russell has helped me achieve that; well done Russell.

Annie M

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