I am in my early fifties and was unhappy at how my body was changing. I started going to the gym on my own but for me this was not enough. I did not push myself and certainly did not appreciate what I was capable of achieving. Then I met Russell at the gym; everything changed! He encouraged me to use different equipment which included some weights in interesting and varied routines.

Without realising it I had soon found myself motivated to do a little more each time and Russell was always there to guide me. My body shape has changed, I am more toned, I have lost body fat and feel much better for it. Initially I found hour long sessions challenging to complete but Russell was flexible and allowed me to split my hour into two 30 minute sessions which I found more beneficial.

Thanks to Russell I am a lot happier, look and feel so much better and could not have done it without his support and encouragement.

It’s never too late!


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