Here’s our most recent testimonials from gym members and personal training clients.

Caroline Westoby

Hi Russell & Team Thank you for all your support this past year in helping me lose weight and tone up. All your staff are so supportive and helpful, it’s an absolute pleasure attending your gym – I only wish I had joined sooner! Because I move around a lot, I’ve joined a number of […]

Karen Everly

I’ve had Will as my personal trainer for around 9 months. It was an absolutely fantastic experience, not only does he train you to get/keep fit, he teaches you all there is to know about how to look after your body and the right way to eat to help that. His results speak for themselves, […]

Carole Vincent

I was recommended to Will by my physio as I had suffered for so long with back and hip problems and wanted to build my strength up. I was a little concerned as being a mature lady it was the first time I had ever taken on anything like this, I needn’t have worried, Will […]

Becca Lane

I’ve been training with Will on and off over the past 3 years, I have learnt so much about training and what my body can do, and he has gave me a better understanding of this. Along with pushing me to my limits but also knowing how much my body can be pushed. I would […]

Yannis Kakisis

I have been training with Will for 3 yrs now. He is a fantastic PT very knowledgeable and accommodating. He always puts me at ease with his friendly manner. I would highly recommend him. I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved with the help of Will. – Yannis Kakisis   If you […]

Henry Savage

Will is helping me to realise my fitness goals. His persistence has helped me see a marked difference in my strength, and definition. He helps remind me that fitness is an ongoing target, and offers tips to prolong my improvements. – Henry Savage   If you would like to book a free consultation with one […]

Karen Keen

At 57yrs old I thought the gym was going to be a daunting place to visit, my personal trainer Will made me feel at ease, making exercise enjoyable and rewarding. – Karen Keen   If you would like to book a free consultation with one of our personal trainers, leave your details below and we’ll […]

Charlotte Lane

I have been having personal training with Will for a few months now and it’s been great! He pushes you and challenges your limits (we all set our ‘limit’ way too low…) – by constantly encouraging you and helping you to better yourself. Will is professional, friendly and approachable and I’d highly recommend him as […]

Terrie Brewer

I’ve had Personal Training with Will for over a year now and can honestly say I enjoy every session. I’ve tried everything, from TRX training to Boxercise with Kettle Bell exercises, Weights, Cardio and everything else in between. I find Will very kind and caring. He will never push you into anything you do not […]

Elena Papantoniou

My experience since joining Elite Fitness, has been great!! I have the best personal trainer, Will. He has really helped me get fit and healthy and also help reach my potential. I highly recommend Elite Fitness. – Elena Papntoniou   If you would like to book a free consultation with one of our personal trainers, […]

Sarah Thompson

I have been training with Will for a couple of years and he is always energetic and enthusiastic. He is a delight to work with and has helped me considerably with a long term knee problem working closely with my physio to adapt my training in a way that has resulted in huge improvements. – […]

Carole Pearcey

After many years using gyms I decided to engage the expertise of a personal trainer to improve my upper body strength. Using encouragement and in-depth knowledge, Will has provided excellent support and an exercise programme to help me achieve my aims. – Carole Pearcey   If you would like to book a free consultation with […]

David Jeckells

I have had Russell as my personal trainer since 2007 and the results have been excellent, he manages to motivate & keep me going, gradually improving my fitness level & also assisting in my weight loss programme. I would not hesitate in recommending him, the personal training touch certainly brings the desired results! – David […]

Mr Pearson

I recently decided to join a gym but with no set programme and little knowledge, I saw very few results. Being a keen football player and with a holiday in the sun around the corner I decided I wanted to bulk up in the shortest possible time. I had always thought personal trainers were for […]

Mrs Clarke, Thornbury

Over the years I have been to various gyms, but with limited success. From the start Russell has made a real difference, and I have been seeing him now since 2008. He devised a realistic personal training programme taking into account my age, general fitness and personal goals. He has always kept the programme interesting […]

Anne Tucker, Thornbury

I have tried many forms of exercise classes over the years, including using gyms. I have never been able to keep these going more than a couple of months. With Russell as my personal trainer I have found the recipe for success. Being able to exercise in the privacy of my own home, with Russell […]

Julie Derham

Before Russell became my personal trainer I had been going to the gym in Thornbury for about eight months. Whilst I felt I was improving my fitness in reality I was only managing a ‘gentle’ workout on only the equipment that I found easy and I rarely got out of my comfort zone. Since I […]

Jon Pullin

Over the years trying to motivate myself to attend the gym has resulted in many failures. Having begun working with Russell on a weekly basis I have not missed a personal training session for years. The sessions are interesting, challenging and suited to your personal needs and goals. I am fitter as a result of […]

Amanda Sherwood, Almondsbury

I rather foolishly signed up for the Bristol half marathon and was aware that if I was to achieve this I needed some help! Russell had been recommended to me so I signed up for a series of personal training sessions. I soon realised that I was not particularly fit and that I had some […]

Mike Rowen, Portishead

Following years of playing sport and suffering numerous injuries, I found it very difficult to get and keep fit on my own. I had been a member of various gyms over the years but had not made best use of them so when Russell suggested an initial session I was skeptical that this different approach […]

Miss Walker

“Since using Russell as my Personal Trainer, I have lost 2 stones in weight and have increased my fitness levels beyond what I ever thought possible. I have never been a sporty person or enjoyed exercise at all, but he has really motivated me to work hard and better myself. He is always extremely flexible […]

Jenny Lambert

“I have been a regular gym member for years, but recently I had lost interest and motivation. I asked Russell for help and booked a course of Personal Training sessions. Russell has got me back on track with an assortment of programmes that I can do on my own and he has set me goals […]

Nicky, Bradley Stoke

“I have what I consider a job that does not allow me to go to the gym under my own discipline. So when someone suggested Russell as my Personal Trainer I thought long and hard about taking this on. Initially I had visions of someone who would expect miracles and push me by any means […]

Alison Makepeace, Thornbury

“Starting a regular training programme was very daunting and difficult to fit into a busy lifestyle, but Russell has made a real difference to my fitness and motivation. He has devised a realistic training programme and monitors me to work harder each session but is also happy to make adjustments to keep my interest. He […]

Sue Evans, Thornbury

“I first met Russell over two years ago when I felt I needed to do something for myself after an attempt to live in France which didn’t work out! After the first few Personal Training Sessions with Russell, I dropped a dress size, even though I hadn’t lost any weight. I was not exercising to […]

Claire Jaggard

“Never in a million years did I think I would find myself using a Personal Trainer. I don’t even like exercise; however, the extra weight I blame on two babies is refusing to disappear all by itself, so when Russell challenged me to two months of training, I couldn’t think of a good enough excuse […]

Claire, Elberton

“I have been Personal Training with Russell in Thornbury for over a year now. So far it has been a very successful and rewarding experience. I found that Russell listened carefully when we first met. Through assessing my lifestyle, including a food analysis, he has helped me find a manageable way to achieve my goals. […]

Shelley Bateman

“I have been Personal Training with Russell at the gym in Thornbury for almost 1 year now and the results have been amazing. Whilst my weight has not reduced greatly my body shape has changed considerably. My muscle tone, particularly in my problem areas (tum, bum & thighs) has improved significantly and I now feel […]

Mark, Bristol

“I had been thinking of trying to up my training for sometime but not done anything about it. However, after an excessive holiday and an impending wedding looming 5 months later I knew that this was the time to give it a shot! Russ helped in setting goals, which with a weekly session at the […]

Elaine, Bradley Stoke

“Being invited to go on a holiday with a great deal of sight seeing and walking last November, I knew it was time to get fit. I had broken my leg a few years ago and decided that was no longer an excuse. My friend Anne was already seeing Russell as a Personal Trainer and […]

Janine, Thornbury

“I have learnt that I need exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy in my busy life. The difficulty is remaining disciplined which is where Russell’s Personal Training is the answer for me. It keeps me committed to going to the gym in Thornbury regularly and ensures I maximize the time spent there. I have […]

Ian Curtis

“I have been training with Russell Knight for a while now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Russell has not only been a fantastic Personal Trainer, but has become someone who I would be proud to call a friend. With Russell, you will find someone who is very knowledgeable, very courteous, very friendly […]

Jim and Karen Gusterson

“I went to Russell Knight last year after many failed attempts to get and stay fit – seeking some new motivation but a little wary as to what to expect. After a full assessment we started to find out what I could do and Russell focused me on making small improvements each week. It wasn’t […]

Janne Preiss

“I’ve never been a runner and was very unfit before I started Personal Training with Russell, but he got me into shape very fast, took me through the difficult process of gradually improving my fitness, and best of all – I learned to love running. I completed the Bristol 10K after only 4 months of […]

Rachael Arrivabene, Bradley Stoke

“Russell Knight was recommended to me by a friend who had had Personal Training Sessions with him and achieved excellent results. At the point of contacting Russell, I was not exercising at all and after having two children found myself to be overweight and unfit. Clothes shopping was an unhappy, nightmare experience – often resulting […]

Heather, Thornbury

“It’s never too late!” “I am in my early fifties and was unhappy at how my body was changning. I started going to the gym in Thornbury on my own but for me this was not enough. I did not push myself and certainly did not appreciate what I was capable of achieving. Then I […]

Annie M, Alveston

As a PT – he’s good. I thoroughly recommend him! He helped me return to fitness after surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer. He does not use “pseudo-science” but as a professional, bases his fitness programmes around evidence based research which of course is much safer and produces good results. Here I am way down […]

Simon Hunt

Without question, I would not have improved as much on my own in the gym. Russ takes time to understand what you want to achieve and gets you there. His help has benefited all areas of my life and physical health. Weight is down, heart rate has improved, fat percentage is down – general fitness […]

Sue and Mark, Tytherington

After muttering to my partner Mark that I really should try and get a bit fitter and slimmer, I was horrified when he bought me a ‘present’ of gym membership plus personal trainer as it was only a throw-away comment! I have tried every diet going over the years, and whilst successful short term it […]

James Marchant, Thornbury

I was recommended to Russell Knight by my chiropracter just before Christmas 2014. I had an ongoing problem with my lower back which was not only painful but also restricted my movement and ability to participate in regular sport. I was also unhappy with my weight and general level of fitness so decided to take […]

Sue, Thornbury

I first met Russell 18 months ago when my fitness was so low I could only manage 10 minutes on the treadmill, but slowly with a lot of encouragement and patience from Russell, I am now able to complete a half hour session. Russell understands that when I have a bad day medically, I can […]

Dave Price, Thornbury

Russell is an excellent Personal Trainer. He listened to what my goals were upon induction and devised the appropriate workouts in order to achieve my goals.Having been at the gym and enthusiastic about the gym for 7 months I have now lost 5 and a half stone which from 17 and a half stone had […]

Malcolm R

I’ve been with Russell and his team for nearly six months now and they are a great bunch to work with: energetic, engaging, supportive and challenging in turn. And they really are a team, it doesn’t matter which of Russell, Jack, Will, Jo or Joe you work with, they have the same approach and the […]

Paula Knight

I have been training with Russell for the last seven years. He is an excellent personal trainer who always brings out the best in me! And no matter how I am feeling after a long day at work he always finds me a programme to suit the day! If you are looking for someone who […]