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Malcolm R

I’ve been with Russell and his personal training team since 2010. They are a great bunch to work with: energetic, engaging, supportive and challenging in turn. And they really are a team, it doesn’t matter who you work with. They have the same approach and the handover from one to another when necessary to fit my ever-changing schedule is seamless.

My initial health assessment threw up a health issue of which I would have remained ignorant without their attention to detail. It’s now back under control – thanks to Russell’s professional approach.

I went to the Elite Fitness personal training team on personal recommendation. I finally could no longer escape from my increasing girth, decreasing flexibility – and the comments of a frustratingly naturally thin wife! As a sixty-something (no need to go into more detail) who had never explicitly exercised in his life (I’d even bunked off games at school) I was daunted at the prospect of setting foot in a gym to be faced by ultra-fit youngsters attacking frightening looking equipment with excessive gusto.

Russell’s calm and pragmatic approach has worked for me. I have more energy, more stamina and more enthusiasm than I’ve had for years. A lot of the old aches and pains that I thought were just signs of aging have gone – and I can now take the stairs instead of the escalator without fear, or breathlessness.

Malcolm R

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