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Shelley Bateman

I have been personal training with Russell for almost 1 year now and the results have been amazing. Whilst my weight has not reduced greatly my body shape has changed considerably. My muscle tone, particularly in my problem areas (tum, bum & thighs) has improved significantly and I now feel relaxed and comfortable in my clothes.

On a recent shopping trip to Cabot Circus I was pleasantly surprised by my reflection in the changing-room mirrors. The ones that generally manage to accentuate all your flaws! For once I actually enjoyed trying on dresses and trousers and feeling that my body did them justice; needless to say it was an expensive trip!

The worst thing I did was stop my personal training sessions for 6 weeks over Christmas. Rather than feel like I was treating myself by skiving my sessions, I felt sluggish, tired, unmotivated and was much more prone to head to the biscuit tin. I was also convinced that even over such a short break the change in my muscle tone & fitness level was noticeable. I was relieved to get back into it in the New Year.

Several months ago, my mum commented that my hourly session with a personal trainer was an extravagant luxury. I work harder in 1 hour a week with Russell than I would ever workout under my own steam. It’s completely different, you push your body to the limit and that is how you get results – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

My Mum recently signed up with Russ for some personal training and now thanks me she goes every week. 10 weeks in she is starting to reap the benefits and is surprised by the change in her shape and by how much more energised she feels. She’s 25 years my senior, but is as fit as fiddle!

I cannot recommend Russell highly enough. He pushes you without making you feel uncomfortable and happily adapts the workout to suit your needs. The packages are flexible, comprehensive and worth every penny. If I could find the time, I would definitely go more frequently.

Shelley Bateman

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