Mark, Bristol

I had been thinking of trying to up my training for sometime but not done anything about it. However, after an excessive holiday and an impending wedding looming 5 months later I knew that this was the time to give it a shot!

Russ helped in setting goals, which with a weekly session at the gym in Thornbury and some ‘homework’ were achieved every week. This provided me with confidence and determination to push myself every session to not let myself or Russ down and continue setting new boundaries.

The personal training sessions which Russ devised were different every week and imaginative, in all fairness I am the type of person who needs to be and enjoys to be pushed in training sessions and therefore these were of great benefit.

I also have an old injury which Russ took into consideration when setting exercises and if ever there was a niggle or a twinge, the session was adapted to suit.

The help of keeping a food diary for Russ to comment upon was great and Russ was also able to provide tips and advice on all forms of dietary and fitness questions which I found useful and have passed on to numerous friends and family members.

I have and continue to recommend Russell’s services to any friend or family member looking for a personal trainer or if they need their training ‘spiced up’ to push themselves that little bit further.

– Mark, Bristol

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