Sue Evans, Thornbury

I first met Russell over two years ago when I felt I needed to do something for myself after an attempt to live in France which didn’t work out! After the first few personal training sessions with Russell, I dropped a dress size, even though I hadn’t lost any weight. I was not exercising to lose weight, but to get fit. I had to give up having personal training sessions for two years, and recently decided to go back and get fit once more.

Now with having Russell as my personal trainer at the gym in Thornbury for the past three months, I have never felt so good and my muscles have really toned up, so much so that I’m beginning to like my body, and I’m constantly being told that I look like I’ve lost weight. I’m starting another three month block of sessions in a week’s time and I can’t wait to see what difference that will make!

– Sue Evans, Thornbury

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